Web Site Design

Web Site Design
While Most Internet Developers focus on design and technology.GMD Consulting believes that there are five components to a successful Web Site:

  • Design
  • Technology
  • Content
  • Management
  • User Analysis

GMD Consulting works with their clients to create a professional and consistent design that uses graphical compression techniques to ensure speedy delivery of information. GMD also employs proven information architecture techniques with its designs to ensure a user friendly interface. For example, research has shown that users become overwhelmed when they have more than seven top-level navigational choices to choose from. To address this GMD employs information architects who create effective global navigation systems for their clients.

GMD Consulting is proficient in several programming languages (ASP, cold fusion, PHP, PERL, JSP, SQL and others). In addition, GMD works to ensure that Web sites are ADA (American with Disabilities Act) and XML compliant. GMD has extensive knowledge in utilizing backend databases to serve dynamic content to users. In addition, GMD has designed a robust content management system that allows clients to manage their Web site without having to learn HTML or other programming languages.

Users read 25% slower from a computer screen then they do in print. Therefore it is essential that an organization’s content be written specifically for a Web audience. After working with clients on their content, GMD deploys their in-house content management system that allows the client to maintain a dynamic Web site that features updated/fresh content. In addition, GMD focuses on other information architecture components such as directory structure and URL analysis.

GMD is a pioneer in analyzing log files and responding to user behavior. GMD helps their clients with data warehousing/mining and can provide daily, weekly, or monthly reports and recommendations regarding the traffic on their Web site.

User Analysis
Can one Web site be tailored to several audiences? GMD has a proven technique for designing and tailoring a web site for diverse audiences. In addition, GMD works with their clients to ensure that they have a clearly defined mission for their Web site and that this mission/objective is carried throughout the site.