Web Analytics

Every website has specific business goals and defined objectives. Whether it is to generate leads, sell products or strictly provide information to your end client, you have invested a great deal of money into your website solutions.

But is your website doing its job effectively?

In order to understand how effective your website is performing it is essential that you have a Web analytics report running on your site. Otherwise the money you have invested in the site may be going to waste.

With Web analytics you can learn some of the following key information:

  • Overall visitor data
  • Top performing keywords
  • Most visited pages
  • Most popular conversion paths
  • Visitor segmentation data
  • Pay Per Click and Email Campaign ROI
  • and much more

Or maybe you already know the importance of Web analytics and are already using it on your website. But are you able to make sense of the data your Web analytics tool is providing you? Online, almost everything can be measured: unique visitors, clicks, engagement, buzz, open rates, conversions, demographics, branding, and time spent are just a few examples of the many available metrics. Marketers and business owners like yourself embrace the very real potential of all this information, but often feel overwhelmed by mountains of data, as well as stymied by the technology that delivers the solutions.

If you feel this way too, you’re not alone. The truth is Web analytics is complex, and unless you have previous experience in analyzing site data, the task will be daunting. Your GMD Consultant can discuss adapting measurement methodologies, processes and tools into what makes sense and can also dramatically lift your company’s online marketing and business performance.

Regardless of your Web analytics need, our qualified GMD Consultants can provide you with the relevant analytics services that are tailored to your overall online business objectives. Contact us today for more information.