Implementing the right Information Technology solution can be confusing, even for the most experienced professionals. This is usually not a reflection of the capabilities that exist within an organization, but comes from the unique challenges inherent in trying to solve business problems with IT solutions. The most common result is that companies often pay too much for software and hardware they don’t need and still are not able to solve the business problem identified. This is because the requirements are usually not clearly identified and articulated, and therefore, the best solution is not accurately assessed and developed.
Image Loading…GMD recognizes the challenges involved in coordinating these types of projects. GMD’s experienced personnel will help your team to clearly identify the need, articulate the requirements and assess the possible vendor solutions to ensure delivery of the needed services.

GMD will manage the project from conception to implementation, working to mitigate the risk of cost overruns and inadequate vendor performance. With GMD’s experience in IT project management, knowledge of the local vendor market, and familiarity with most of the major platforms for deployment of IT solutions, there is assurance that you get the best possible price for your IT project.

Let GMD navigate the minefield of endless sales pitches, unnecessary hardware and software purchases, and glossy brochures. GMD will ensure that your organization is only paying for the essentials that make your company more efficient, more successful, and more profitable.

If your organization lacks the resources needed to work through a new implementation and there is a requirement for a specific solution that is critical to the effective functioning of your business entity, let GMD help you.

Here are some examples of solutions that GMD has worked on:

Web Development
Electronic Storefronts
Stored Gift Card Systems
Inventory Management Systems
New Bermuda Driving License Design
Online Gift Card Purchasing
Classifieds & Auction Listings
Membership Registration and Email Newsletters
Content Management Systems
TCD Online Appointment Management System
Requirements Documentation & RFP Issuance