CCTV and Cabling

Design Services
Whether building your dream home or a business space, you’ll need experienced telecommunications designers on your side to save you time and money. Burtech can design custom plans for your development or work along with your architect.

Installation Services
Plain and simple, “we make it work”. Challenges and obstacles are what make us special.

We have found that many clients wish to have installations done on their premises after the initial contruction phase has finished. This presents problems for electronic installations in that almost all electronics require cables. Even wireless devices aren’t completely wireless, they still need power.

Burtech strives toward making electronic upgrades as visually seamless as possible. Our experience navigating pathways and spaces in Bermuda’s unique building architecture lends us the opportunity to keep the client satisfied with the completed project.

Service List

  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Voice and Data Cabling
  • Audio/Visual
  • Home Networking
  • Custom Electronic Design